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The inevitability of the transformation of the newspaper?
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The situation of the development of newspapers is becoming more and more severe. Data show that in 2...

The situation of the development of newspapers is becoming more and more severe. Data show that in 2012, there were 1918 kinds of newspapers published in China, which dropped to 1821 in 2013. In 2013, the advertising volume of newspapers in China dropped by 8.1%, continuing the downward trend of the previous year and increasing the decline. In 2014, the "people's Daily" under the banner of the "international finance" from daily to weekly, "evening news", "King", "Daily News" has suspends, caused an uproar in the industry. Is the way of survival of the newspaper really no way to go? It may not seem like this in the chant. Since the beginning of April this year, Alibaba has been working with many domestic metropolis newspapers, with the help of the strong channel penetration ability of the latter, launching the "code up" business and causing the industry to reevaluate the newspaper value. Through this case, we can see that in the era of Internet with sharp compression of living space, if we are deeply integrated with new media, there will still be broad prospects for development.

Technological progress promotes the transformation of newspapers

In the early 60s, the famous Canadian pioneer Marshall Mcluhan communication (MarshallMcluhan) is put forward in the "understanding media" in the book: "any media (any extension people) any effects on individuals and society, are due to the new behavior scale; any extension of our (or any a new kind of Technology), should be the introduction of a new behavior scale in our affairs."

The development course of the newspaper, the newspaper was born early, people are more accustomed to reading, writing, and main media in the book, has become the main part of the content of the newspaper; news text structure of the newspaper development by running account to inverted Pyramid structure, is the electric telegraph technology provides the possibility for the same; the so-called "dutushidai newspaper" theory, also a continuous development of technology especially the color photography technology dictates. Therefore, the progress of digital technology compels the newspaper to transform to get rid of the dilemma that it faces, and in essence it is consistent with the changes between the above stages.

At present, there is a consensus about the urgent transformation of newspapers in the industry, but there are many opinions on how to turn and where to turn. The key is how to look at the nature of the newspaper - a newsprint? Or is it a medium? The former emphasizes the characteristics of the medium, and the latter emphasizes its fundamental task. If we consider from its fundamental tasks, the purpose of newspaper communication is to build a unified social public opinion field, which will further influence the development and development of public opinion. As long as the newspaper does not give up its fundamental task of building the social public opinion field, it will integrate with the new technology brought by new technology, and make the best use of new technologies and novice to jointly build new public opinion field, which will become the connotation of newspaper transformation.

No matter any local newspaper which is based on a certain region, its influence is very important in its influence. The influence of local newspapers on the local population is unbeatable. This is not only reflected in the local reports, but even the national and even global news events, readers will be more concerned about how the local newspapers report, and so do the new media. For example, a nationwide mobile phone newspaper has not landed, and Henan mobile phone newspaper in Henan province is at its peak, it is because of the nationwide mobile phone newspaper to meet the readers across the region and close to the demand, which makes the Henan mobile phone newspaper has a huge space for survival and development. The needs of the readers provide the possibility and opportunity for the local strong media to develop their new media.

Building a full media matrix to realize the new development

Dahe newspaper, as the largest urban newspaper in the Central Plains, has a huge audience and enjoys a high reputation. According to the concept of inclusive development, Dahe newspaper has put forward the strategy of "big market, big reader, big communication, big promotion and big platform", and constructed a media matrix covering various forms of media. The core of the matrix is audience centered, content driven, technology driven, and expanding audience coverage through diversified media forms and channels. Dahe media matrix including paper-based newspaper, Dahe network, mobile phone network, Dahe Dahe Dahe official client, Sina, micro-blog, micro-blog, Tencent official by the Dahe Dahe Dahe micro public platform, WeChat and other components of the Dahe Community Hall (Tencent).

Dahe is the predecessor of the river network community network launched in 2010, a large network interactive platform located in life, information, consumption, services, and to "daihebao" all the news, magazines, advertising space closely with newspaper network interaction and exchange platform for the readers and users, reflects the "New River, new image, the new service concept, become the bridge and link of the newspaper and the reader. In 2013, Dahe community network was upgraded to Dahe newspaper network and became the official website of Dahe newspaper.

The cellphone Dahe newspaper network is the first mobile phone portal in Henan. In July 2011, Dahe and Henan Unicom jointly launched the "Da Wo Wo 3G life portal" to fill the gap of Henan mobile Internet and seize the commanding heights of mobile Internet development in the future, and upgrade it to mobile Dahe newspaper in August 2013. The website aims to provide the most convenient, practical and timely consumer service for Dahe newspaper readers and local mobile Internet users by using the rich channels, contents and marketing resources of Dahe newspaper.

Da he newspaper client

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