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Printed on demand: "porcelain live" more "diamond diamond"
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In the flood of digital publishing, the topic of publishing on demand is a great relish for the publ...

In the flood of digital publishing, the topic of publishing on demand is a great relish for the publishing and printing industry. Especially for the printing industry, this is the hope of the development of paper books. While some of the more powerful of the press are not satisfied with the mode of cooperation, independent study on-demand publishing related technologies and solutions, some adventurous press has become the first person to eat crab "". Behind these early adopters, digital printing equipment will undoubtedly become the most sought after focus.

Reviewing the important exhibition this year, the exhibition of digital printing and related products occupied a large part of the exhibition hall in Beijing international printing technology exhibition held in May. In the past in September, once in four years, was one of the four major printing exhibition world America Chicago printing exhibition exhibition area ranked in the top 20 exhibitors even before the 10, all digital printing supplies and related equipment suppliers, the exhibition site almost can not see the trace of India rubber. We don't exclude the attractiveness of the exhibition itself and the reasons why the printing industry in America is in a slump. Nevertheless, digital printing has shocked us.

Digital printing has developed to a certain degree, so many printing companies and enterprises are ready to publish, to introduce the development of digital publishing on demand, so let us see, on-demand publishing of digital printing, paper, printing equipment parts are put forward how the new requirements?

The quality is higher and the speed is faster.

It is precisely because of the characteristics of "a printing and a different opening" in digital printing, which makes the concept of printing on demand put into practice. Today, we assume that there is a future of the bookstore, the bookstore can according to the needs of readers on printed books, readers can choose their own love of a whole book, can also according to their own preferences from the database freely choose different chapters of a new book, according to the requirements of paying royalties can be printed.

We first ask ourselves, we want the staff to press the machine button, what is the output of a book? Yes, of course, as before, the book is full of full and good paper books. This requires that digital printing equipment can have high enough print quality. At the same time, it is also fast and good. Of course, the bookstore will certainly have some number of printed books, perhaps hundreds, perhaps thousands of books, these books are likely to be broken before the book version, may each have compiled a number, or other different, these books also need digital printing, digital printing machine is a type of industrialization this requires a faster speed.

Quality. From the current situation, digital printing can be said to have compared with offset printing quality, especially the quality of black and white digital printing. The manufacturers of digital printing equipment have developed a new type of sprinkler and nano ink to improve the quality of printing. For example, HP Indigo digital presses support wider color gamut and ppl certified precise spot color printing, so that printing quality has been greatly improved. Fuji film Jet Press 720 can display 4 level gray scale at 1200dpi high resolution on B2 paper. But objectively speaking, there is a great distance from offset printing, and the color digital printing is especially large. Many printing shop clerks receive hundreds of short copies, but still recommend customers to use offset printing. The main reason is that the quality of digital printing can not match that of offset printing. Of course, not every enterprise has the most advanced digital printing equipment, but for the end customers, the industry is a real situation.

Speed. Now, we can say the digital printing machine has been out of the past "large printer" shadow, the development speed is improved by leaps and bounds, such as the HP Indigo 10000 in full color mode speed per hour 3450 printing B2 format, speed up to 4600 pieces per hour B2 format in expansion mode; T410 and T360 inkjet printing machines the printing speed of up to 800 feet per minute in black and white mode. Kodak highest printing speed Prosper6000XL inkjet printing system up to 133 lines per inch, equivalent to 300 meters per minute speed of printing, the monthly print volume up to 160 million A4 paper. In addition, once a drupa Landa nanotechnology is to give people more leave endless lenovo.

Stronger paper adaptability

No matter what type of printing, the basic requirements for paper are not more than weight, thickness, brightness, opacity, and smoothness. In these aspects, digital printing is no exception.

Digital printing has some other requirements of the paper will be: such as electrostatic digital printing machine paper required in temperature and humidity environment, has low flexibility and low dimensional stability, good wrinkle, proper friction resistance, surface conductivity, sufficient stiffness, and less lint or dust in India in the process of brush.

Ink jet digital printing is quite different. The liquid properties of ink used in inkjet technology demand the surface absorbency and absorption of paper. Therefore, inkjet digital press has higher requirements for paper surface properties, pore structure, chemical composition and mechanical properties.

It may not be possible for a certain paper to be able to adapt to all printing presses, but if we want to achieve on-demand printing, we need the digital printer to maximize the capacity to accommodate different papers. Now, a lot of ordinary paper can also be applied to a digital printer.

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