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How to prevent ink powder from printing books in Shenzhen color box manufacturers?
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Ink powder often occurs, so how do we avoid such a phenomenon? One stop is specially invited to the ...

Ink powder often occurs, so how do we avoid such a phenomenon? One stop is specially invited to the senior printer. Let's learn to learn together. To avoid pictorial Printing ink powder, it is necessary to analyze the reasons first.

(1) when the picture is printed, the sticky force of the ink is too small, and the surface of the paper is smoother, which makes the ink layer and the surface of the paper not fit well, and further causes the ink layer to wipe off from the paper surface.

(2) because the ink is too thin, binders can easily be absorbed a lot of paper, binders into paper, ink binders and pigments in the separation state, caused by the pigment particles floating in the paper, paint adhesion lose binders, the connection degree is reduced, and thus can not be well attached to the paper. Off.

(3) serious use of ink emulsification, not only reduce the viscosity, drying rate, increase infiltration, combined with conjunctival ink is more important to the paper and not emulsified good adhesion is poor, but the film strength is poor, slight rub will make the film rupture and fall off.

(4) the base paper coated paper coating and coating and base paper have strong absorption, and the paper is thick, can absorb a large number of binders, and the coating surface is smooth, pore is very fine, can't be together to paint inhalation, filter layer, caused by the pigment particles floating in the paper, and fall off due to lack of bonding material package.

The above is the possible cause of the paint printing ink powder, now we find the reason, the next step is to analyze the method.

The following is the treatment method to prevent the inks from powdering.

(1) the printed product is printed without a strong absorbable copper paper (the absorbency is below 30 seconds), otherwise it must be printed with strong adhesive resin ink.

(2) add a proper amount of oil or adhesive agent No. 0 to enhance the adhesion of ink to the paper surface.

(3) to control the emulsification of the ink, the amount of water used in the layout is small. Often the determination of water solution pH, and adjust to the needs of the value to the dryness of the oil with added, in order to reduce the drying time of ink emulsification master.

(4) fine products have been produced, which can be solved by means of light or film.

The above is the reason and solution to the printing ink powder of the picture album, which is summed up by you. We also have more experience to welcome you to share it together. The CIS source press will continue to organize more picture book printing knowledge for you. Please look forward to it.

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