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Color box printing plant for you to introduce what is heat transfer
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Thermal transfer is a technology to print patterns on heat resistant adhesive tape and print pattern...

Thermal transfer is a technology to print patterns on heat resistant adhesive tape and print patterns on the finished products through heating and pressing. Even for a variety of color patterns, because transfer printing is only a process, customers can shorten printing patterns and reduce the loss of materials (finished products) due to printing errors. The use of thermal transfer film printing can make the multicolor pattern a map, without the need for color, simple equipment can also print a realistic pattern.


The heat transfer printing equipment is used to decorate aluminum and all kinds of metal plate, which can achieve the effect of wood products or marble. According to the principle of sublimation heat transfer equipment is working, it can be in 3-5 minutes will need wood or marble quickly transferred to aluminum shaped material powder coating surface and can penetrate into the inner coating of 40-60 micron. The production process of aluminum transfer printing: one is to use the film machine to roll the heat transfer film to the size. The two is to use the supersonic wave packing machine for the transfer film to be wrapped by supersonic wave. The three is a workpiece wrapped in a package made of a transfer film on a packaging platform. The four is to wrap the transfer parts on the platform of the heat transfer machine, then put 18 aluminum materials in sequence, connect the two ends of the aluminum material to the vacuum taps and lock them, and turn on the vacuum switch. At this time, the transfer film is tightly attached to the aluminum material. The trolley automatically sends aluminum to the baking furnace. The oven automatically rises 220 degrees and keeps heat for 3 minutes, and the car automatically withdraws from the oven. The five is to release the vacuum tap and remove the workpiece. Six is to remove the transfer film, and check the quality of the workpiece.

The production process of hot transfer printing, one is to use a film machine to cut the heat transfer paper into the required size. The second is to attach the thermal transfer paper film to the surface of the workpiece and put it on the plate heat printer. The three is to push the plate to the plate heat transfer machine heating area, press the press plate switch, the press plate press the hot transfer paper tightly on the workpiece, heat and keep heat for one minute. Four is the rising press board, push the workpiece to the part, remove the transfer film to remove the workpiece and check.

Thermal transfer technology is widely used in electrical appliances, daily necessities, building materials, and so on. Because of its corrosion resistance, impact resistance, aging resistance, abrasion resistance, fire resistance, outdoor use keep 15 years do not change color performance, almost all goods are produced with this label mode. For example, open the cell phone shell, inside you can see the sticker with a bar code label. A lot of labeling requirements can withstand the test of time, the long-term deformation, do not fade, not because of exposure to solvents will wear, not because of higher temperature on the deformation and discoloration, it is necessary to adopt a kind of special material of print media and print materials to ensure these properties, general inkjet and laser printing technology is unable to achieve.

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