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Mastering the three features of color box printing and making color box printing well
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Diversification of bearing materialsBecause of how much used for color box printing packaging produc...

Diversification of bearing materials

Because of how much used for color box printing packaging products, it has the characteristics of a variety of printing materials, in addition to the commonly used paper and cardboard, plastic, metal, glass will be in accord with various materials and ceramics and printing, in addition to planar and curved and irregular surface according to the shape of packaging will be printed.


2, diversification of printing methods

In addition to the conventional offset printing, gravure printing, flexo printing and screen printing, in order to add some special decorative or functional effect, to ensure the quality of the printing company will usually use some special printing technology, such as the use of 3D printing, laser holographic printing, printing and printing etc. the combination of liquid crystal.

3. Diversification of processing and processing in pre press and post press

Because of the number of printing color box printing material type very much, because in the process of printing and show diverse characteristics, and according to the different material but also the use of polishing, coating, bronzing, die-cutting and other processing technology, such as plastic packaging printing, in order to eliminate the electrostatic surface and make the ink can better attached to the plastic surface to be processed, using corona in box printing before if the metallic material in white ink printing prepress, Postpress plus varnish and stamping into tank operation processing.

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